style style [staɪl] noun [countable]
1. a way of doing something, designing something, or producing something, especially one that is typical of a particular time, place, or group of people:
style of

• the Japanese style of stock investment

• 1980s-style excessive spending

• American-style shopping malls

ˈhouse style
a particular style of writing used by a company in all the documents, books etc it produces:

• We have a house style for all our reports.

2. the particular way that someone does something or deals with other people:
house style of

• an authoritarian style of leadership

• His tough management style has upset some executives.

3. a product with a particular design, shape, and appearance:

• Each diaper comes in `girl' and `boy' styles.

• This is one of our new styles, a $135 dress shoe with a rubber sole.

4. LAW the official name or title of a company:

• The company traded under the style of Macron Ltd.

* * *

style UK US /staɪl/ noun [C]
a way of doing something, especially one that is typical of a person, group of people, place, or period: management/leadership style »

An authoritarian management style may not yield good results.


Those familiar with her personal style say she is quietly decisive.


a working/learning style

See also HOUSE STYLE(Cf. ↑house style)

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